Near Finance Protocol
Brand Assest


We appreciate your love and support for our work.
We have listed a few instructions for utilizing our brand resources below.

Our Brand Name

The Brand name is Near Finance Protocol which is Decentralized Finance system built on the non-staking reward protocol.


Branding Guidelines

As long as you follow the branding standards, you are free to use the name and logo on your website or application:

  1. Do not edit the Near Finance Protocol logo; it is intended to be used exactly as it is.
  2. You must obtain permission before combining the Near Finance Protocol logo with other graphics.
  3. Use of the Near Finance Protocol brand in any way that indicates a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement is prohibited. For example,"We collaborate with Near Finance Protocol".
  4. Do not associate the Near Finance Protocol trademark with any illegal or illicit action, marketing, or product.


We prefer to keep things as basic as possible. As a result, we've put together a package of brand assets for you to download and utilize in your website or app.


You consent to follow our Branding Guidelines by utilizing our brand assets. Please get in touch with us if you need more details on how to use the Near Finance Protocol name in situations that are not covered by the branding guidelines.